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A Few Tips Regarding Finding Cheap Hotels In Dublin

It was only in the recent two decades or so that Ireland has been able to shake off the tag of being a not-so-wealthy country and has been transformed into a country that is reasonably prosperous. Even though Ireland and Dublin in particular has always been a great tourist destination and cheap hotels in Dublin as well as expensive ones were readily available for long, Dublin was not a booming city – that is until after the beginning of the nineties.

Economic Fortunes

From the beginning of the nineties, Ireland began experiencing a dramatic shift in its economic fortunes which dramatically changed the lives of the Irish and Dublin where once cheap hotels in Dublin that were the norm soon began to get to become more expensive. Now, Dublin is a stylish destination where though cheap hotels in Dublin are readily available these hotels are still not as cheap as they once were because their styles have changed and these hotels are better decorated and more appealing as well.

Many guesthouses and hostels with their own private rooms as well as hotels/boutiques of medium price range have sprung up which cost about hundred Euros per night or less. When it comes to picking your cheap hotels in Dublin you need to check out Gardiner Street that is famous for its budget guesthouses that are generally family run and so not too expensive.

Examples of cheap hotels in Dublin abound and in fact one such Hotel that is worth checking out, Waltons Hotel that is a three stars hotel is located not far from Garden of Remembrance and from O’Connell Street. This is one of those cheap hotels in Dublin that are typical of family run hotels in Dublin and which are certainly worth checking out.

Each room in this cheap hotel in Dublin has its own private bathroom and some even have tubs and showers. In fact, the family sized (quad) rooms with well painted walls and exciting drapes as well as attractive bedspreads are really what fine hotel living at affordable costs should be all about. And, this is exactly what you get when you stay at Waltons Hotel. No wonder, such cheap hotels in Dublin always get repeat business and this hotel in particular is a favorite of visitors from Finland that seem to find it very affordable, comfortable and highly enjoyable to stay in.

Cancun as you may or may not know is a great vacation destination for the beach lover. The best part about visiting this part of Mexico is the ready availability of various cheap hotels in Cancun that make beach vacations that much more enjoyable and affordable. To get the best rates it pays to book your hotel accommodation about six months in advance as this ensures that you get to save a lot of money – regardless of how many stars the hotel is rated.

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