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All About Looking For And Finding The Best Cheap Hotels In Tokyo

When it comes to finding cheap hotels in Tokyo you need to look at only those hotels that charge between twenty and fifty dollars per head per night. Of course, you can also find cheap hotels in Tokyo that only charge about fifteen dollars per head per night – but, these are rare and will require extensive research before you can locate such hotels. Most people that are looking for cheap hotels in Tokyo tend to believe (quite mistakenly) that such hotels only suit the needs of youth and that these hotels will not be suitable for family stay.

Capsule Hotels

You can of course start by looking at cheap hotels in Tokyo that are often called capsule hotels that consist of a room (which is really a cell) that has air conditioning and a television set and which costs only forty dollars per head. Another tip to help you choose the right cheap hotels in Tokyo is ensuring that you look for capsule hotels that are situated close to the city center because hotels located uptown will force you into spending extra for transportation which will add to your travel costs which will then nullify the advantage of paying less for your hotel room.

In addition, when looking for cheap hotels in Tokyo you need to look at more than a place to sleep because you must factor in the knowledge level of staff and you also need to factor in the duration of your stay. There are different cheap hotels in Tokyo to suit people that plan on just an overnight stop in Tokyo and there are other options open for those who plan to stay for a few days in the city. For a night stop it pays to select a hotel that is close to the places you wish to visit and which are close to the airport or rail station.

When it concerns picking the right cheap hotels in Tokyo you need to also take into account the fact that Tokyo is divided into a number of areas and so you should pick a location that is close to where you plan on spending most of your time in Tokyo. Some of the areas that you will do well to check out include the Akasaka, Roppongi and Asakusa as well as Ginza, Shinagawa and Shinjuku area.

The most common mistake made by travelers that are looking for the best hotel deal is to base their decisions according to the lowest quoted price. There is nothing wrong with looking for cheapest rates but you need to also look at a few other factors such as Internet connectivity, specialized services to meet the special needs of business travelers and also for families and even tourists that wish to enjoy a themed holiday.

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