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Cheap Hotels In Hong Kong: A Few Worthwhile Options Worth Knowing More About

Hong Kong really stands apart as being one of the most exciting cities in all of Asia. Rich in culture and history and boasting of a vibrancy and vivaciousness it attracts millions of tourists each year and from all parts of the world. There are about two hundred and thirty-four different islands that make up this city that also boasts of many wonderfully cheap tourist hotels as well.

Miramar Hotel

When it comes to finding the best cheap hotels in Hong Kong you will do well to check out a hotel called the Miramar Hotel that is four stars hotel providing class entertainment and excellent facilities. The hotel rooms in this cheap hotel in Hong Kong are all very contemporary and there are in fact approximately five hundred and twenty-five rooms as well as suites in the hotel and each room is spacious and well cared for and the rooms are elegantly furnished and boast of the best amenities as well.

Another one of the better cheap hotels in Hong Kong, the Royal Park Hotel is ideally located at 8 Pak Hok Ting Street in Shatin in New Territories which means that you will not have to go too far from the hotel to find shopping opportunities or even entertainment. And, just five minutes walking distance away lies the Shatin Train Station as well as Hong Kong’s main bus terminal.

The Royal Park Hotel is one of the best cheap hotels in Hong Kong that provides convenience and tranquility and is ideally suited for the business traveler though the airport is about a forty-five minute drive away and the downtown area is about twenty minutes away by road.

The Newton Hotel Hong Kong is another option as far as staying at cheap hotels in Hong Kong goes. This is a three stars hotel with better than standard accommodation and it is also conveniently situated. The hotel has approximately one hundred and seventy-six rooms and suites and the rooms, which though not very big, are nevertheless modern and boast of standard amenities.

Other cheap hotels in Hong Kong include the Bridal Tea House Hotel, Winslow Street and Kowloon Hotel as too the Regal Oriental hotel.

Before you start searching for cheap hotels in Tokyo it pays to first define what a Japanese cheap hotel is and especially when the hotel is located in Tokyo. If you come across a hotel in Tokyo that charges between twenty and fifty dollars per person for a night then this can be considered cheap by Japanese standards.

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