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Cheap Hotels In London: Timing Is A Very Important Factor

London is without a shadow of doubt one of the most enchanting tourist destinations in the world. But the only thing about visiting London is the fact that costs of cheap hotels in London is one of the most surprising and attention grabbing things related to this wonderful capital city of England. Even if you spend a lot of time searching over the Internet for cheap hotels in London you might still not be able to find the cheapest deal – because cheap deals are harder to find in London as compared to other European cities.

Shockingly High Prices

For someone that does not have experience in finding cheap hotels in London they will be shocked that London also offers some truly expensive hotel accommodations though the rates will vary according to location, facilities and time of year. Even so, when you compare cheap hotels in London with similar options in other cities such as Paris you will find that London has the more expensive options.

This means that finding cheap hotels in London that cost less than one hundred and fifty pounds per week in London will require doing considerable amount of research. Nevertheless, you will find cheap hotels in London; provided you pay heed to a few tips that will show you where to look and how best to find the best deal.

The first such tip is to time your visit to coincide with when the rates are at their lowest. There is in fact considerable difference in rates depending on whether you visit London in July (highest rates) or in October when the rates are considerably lower. So, it pays to visit London in October instead of in July.

The best way of finding cheap hotels in London is to ask your friends and relatives and also anyone that is a resident of London. They will be able to give you good advice as to where you should look and they can even get in touch with various hotels on your behalf to find a good deal for you.

The Internet offers you a lot of scope as well and sites such as and as too are all worth checking out. As long as you make exhaustive searches and time your visit to coincide when rates are at their lowest it will not be hard to find cheap hotels in London.

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