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How Hotel Ratings Work

Stars are generally used to classify hotel ratings. Reviewers will give a hotel between one and five stars depending on whether certain criteria are met. In most cases, hotels that provide clients with the most facilities get the highest classifications. Therefore you should expect to be more comfortable at a hotel with five stars than you would be at a one star property.

Why Five Star Hotels Cost More

If you insist on staying in accommodation with a hotel rating of five, you had better be prepared to pay extra for it. On average a night at a five star hotel in the United States costs around three hundred dollars. Of course it is possible to find lower prices if you browse the web for special offers. A hotel rating of five indicates that the accommodation comes equipped with every possible convenience a visitor might need. A five star hotel should have very comfortable, fully equipped, immaculately clean and well decorated rooms. It should provide excellent food and perfect service from the hotel staff, too. A five star hotel usually includes facilities such as function rooms, a swimming pool, a gym, a business center, at least one restaurant, a banquet hall, a bar, a spa and a shop that sells gifts and essential items that people commonly forget to bring with them.

One Or Two Stars Doesn’t Mean A Hotel Is Awful

Accommodation that only has a hotel rating of one or two stars is generally quite cheap. One night at a hotel that doesn’t have as many stars usually costs less than one hundred dollars per night. However, that doesn’t mean that accommodation with a lower hotel rating is horrible or dirty. The hotel rating system is simply a guide which lets you know what to expect by way of facilities. If you are staying somewhere with a lower hotel rating it should still be clean and comfortable, just don’t expect it to have a swimming pool, gym or big fancy restaurant.

There Are Always Exceptions

The hotel ratings you see in travel brochures and on the web are given by reviewers. Therefore these hotel ratings are subjective, at least to some extent. Reviewers might give a lower hotel rating than is really deserved if a member of staff does something to upset them, and vice versa. Therefore it would be imprudent to judge a hotel solely by its hotel rating at one website. You should always make an effort to read more than one hotel review in order to get a more objective opinion before deciding whether to stay there.

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