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Small Luxury Hotels Are Perfect For Introspective People

In order to avoid going totally insane, we all need to go on vacation in order to unwind every now and again. Many people would love to stay in a large luxurious resort hotel, and they assume that everybody else feels the same way. However, some people are rather quiet and introspective. Such introverted characters would rather be left alone with their thoughts most of the time. If you would much rather avoid large crowds, you would probably be better off booking a stay at a small luxury hotel in a quiet location when you want to escape the stress of everyday life and get away from it all.

What They Provide

The rooms at small luxury hotels are generally of the same standard as those at larger facilities and they have all the amenities you would expect to find.  In fact sometimes the rooms at small luxury hotels are actually nicer than those at larger ones because the proprietors have more time to add unique little touches to each room. Small luxury hotels generally have a cozier, more intimate ambience than larger accommodations. They also tend to have fewer guests, so you will not be overwhelmed by large, boisterous throngs of people. In fact you are more likely to meet likeminded individuals who appreciate peace and quiet.

However, small luxury hotels don’t generally have quite as many facilities and services as large five star resorts, they are really intended for people who prefer to self-amuse while on vacation. If you want a more intense level of service perhaps you should consider booking a stay at a luxury boutique hotel. The great thing about small luxury hotels is that they are often located in charming little villages or welcoming towns in rural areas. They are therefore perfect for individuals who long to live life at a slower pace for a while and escape the rat race of urban life.

What They Don’t Offer

If you are a loud, boisterous and extroverted person, you might be better off avoiding small luxury hotels. Such accommodations are intended to be quiet and peaceful, they aren’t suited to people who demand an action packed vacation. If you find yourself incapable of chilling out in a quiet garden with a book, you had best book a more adventurous vacation. If you are a parent with adolescent children you might wish to think twice before taking them with you to a small luxury hotel. This type of accommodation does not have much to offer the very young so either leave your teenaged children behind or book your vacation at a place that offers relaxation for adults but also provides plenty of fun activities for your kids.

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