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The Hotel Rating System Is Only A Guide

The hotel rating system generally uses stars to indicate the general standard of quality, with one star being the lowest and five being the highest. Any experienced traveler uses the hotel rating system when deciding which accommodation to book at any given location. The hotel rating system gives a good common indicator of what a hotel has to offer in terms of value, facilities and general customer fulfillment. However, you should never expect all hotel ratings to be exactly correct one hundred percent of the time. Always take into consideration the fact that we all have our own opinions and each customer’s impression of the same hotel may be radically different. Something that disappoints one reviewer to the extent that he gives a lower number of stars might go entirely unobserved by you. For example, an insomniac might give one less star because he was kept awake by the people in the next room while someone who falls asleep right away would never have even noticed it.

Why Most People Choose A Number Between Two And Four

Generally even lower income families will avoid booking a stay at a hotel that only has one star. People tend to imagine that all one star hotels have cockroaches, paper thin walls, lumpy mattresses and dirty bathrooms. In truth many one star hotels are neither dirty nor uncomfortable, they just don’t have any of the extra trappings that are associated with more expensive accommodations. Conversely most people are reluctant to stay at luxury five star hotels. They assume that all venues that rank higher in the hotel rating system are too expensive, when that isn’t always the case.

If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a special offer while browsing travel sites on the web, it is possible to find accommodation with a 5 star hotel rating for half of the standard price. The vast majority of travelers will choose a number between two and four stars on the hotel rating system when deciding where to stay on a business trip or vacation. For the most part these middle numbers tend to offer value for money without being too expensive. However, when booking your accommodation it is always worth remembering that its place in the hotel rating system could be entirely misleading. There is always a chance that a hotel could surpass your expectations just as it’s always possible that you might be disappointed. The only real way of knowing the true standard of a hotel is to stay there and see for yourself.

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