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Understanding The Hotel Diamond Rating

Most hotels in the United States and elsewhere are rated using the star system of classification. Generally the greater the number of stars a hotel has, the more guests can expect in terms of amenities, service and overall quality. However, not all hotels have the star rating system. While scrutinizing various North American hotels online you may have noticed that some of them have diamonds as opposed to stars. Are the hotels with a diamond rating in some way different to other accommodations?

The AAA Uses Diamonds

The American Automobile Association or AAA uses a different hotel rating guide to other associations. It gives hotels a diamond rating to indicate quality instead of using stars. Hotels with a diamond rating are not really different to those with a star rating. The diamond rating generally works in much the same way as the star system of classification. Hotels reviewed by the AAA are awarded between one and five diamonds depending on their quality. Generally the more diamonds a hotel has, the more luxurious it is. Furthermore, a hotel with a diamond rating of five is likely to be a great deal more expensive than a one diamond accommodation. A five diamond hotel can cost more than five hundred dollars for a single night, and you should also expect food, drinks and service charges to be quite steep.

The Diamond System Is More Discriminating

There is one fundamental difference between the hotel diamond rating system and the star method. The AAA reviews more hotels than other associations but only a few make the five diamond rating. This indicates that the diamond system is somewhat more selective. Therefore a hotel with a diamond rating of five is likely to be truly excellent since if it were merely very good it would only have been allotted four diamonds.

However, generally speaking you should use the diamond system of classifying hotels in much the same way as you would the scheme that relies on stars. If you are on a tight budget it would be wise to book a hotel with a diamond rating of one or two. If you earn a very good salary, you can go wild and indulge on a hotel that has four or five diamonds. Still, there are always exceptions so when you are perusing the web with the intention of picking accommodation for a business trip or vacation, remember to keep an eye out for special discounts that offer five diamond hotels for a three diamond rate.

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