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Why Opt For a Last Minute Hotel Reservation

Traveling last minute can be a stressful thing. You are under pressure to get somewhere by a certain time or you have made a completely spontaneous decision to throw caution to the wind. This is a gamble that could well work in your favor. You can often score a great deal on a last minute hotel reservation if you know how to play your cards just right. That is why it is always handy to know where to go and how to get what you want regarding a last minute hotel reservation. The thing is that hotels cannot afford to have empty rooms when they could have occupied them.

So this presents them with a catch 22 situation. When a customer cancels they can either lower the room price or offer a discount last minute hotel reservation. Alternatively they can keep the price high and not fill the room for some time. Now add to the mix that a last minute cancellation of a hotel booking means that you will be penalized.

This means that if the hotel offers you a discount on your last minute hotel reservation they are not really losing out on money. Here is how it works. If the cancelling customer was going to pay $1000 for a 5 night stay, they might get penalized $300 or $400. This means that you might be offered that discount last minute hotel reservation and pay $600 to $700 for a five night stay. The hotel is not losing out on any money, but they can fill that room by offering you a great deal.

Playing Your Cards Right

One way of finding out which hotels will drop their rates in order to fill a few more rooms and make more money is by looking for a hotel review on them. Many higher priced and luxury hotels won’t budge with their prices because they have snooty reputation to uphold. This is all good and well because there are many other, lower priced hotels out there that will lower their prices. The other way to score last minute hotel reservation discounts is by negotiating with the hotels.

Some hotels can be bargained with while others cannot. The simplest way to find out is by asking. The reason many people do not realize that you can sometimes bargain with a hotel is because they never ask. Bargaining for better deals is especially effective in off-peak traveling seasons when the hotels are not full.

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